Please help us! We have many photos of our Emmons shipmates but some we cannot identify.


If you're able to identify anyone not already noted in the photos below, please email us at with the # of the photo and who you can identify. Thank you!

1. Unknown and Hemmig on right

2. Jolly (2nd from left) and unidentified

3. Otto, Peck, unknown

4. Jacoby, Diehl, ?unknowns?, McMichael, unknown

8. Krom front right, Posey rear center and unidentified

11. Donovan (left) and unidentified

5. Unidentified

9. Krom on left and unidentified

6. Unidentified member of Army's 1st Armored Division - EMMONS connection?

7. Unidentified

10. Serewa (middle) and unidentified

12. Posey (left) and unidentified

 13. Unidentified

14. Robinette rear right, Queen front right; others unidentified

16. Krom on right and unidentified

15. Tierney on left; others unidentified

17. 1st row Thompson, O'Connell; 2nd row Unknown, McCarthy, Louvar; 3rd row Reilly, Mutzabaugh, Charron, Roberts

18. Identified. Thank you!

19. Devers on left; other unidentified

20. Melkunas-back row, 2nd from left; others are unidentified

21. Pasquale (in white); others unidentified

22. O'Brien (either Roy or Eugene)

25. Deckforce unidentified

24. Unidentified

23. Unidentified

26. Electrical Unidentified

27. Deckforce unidentified

28. Deckforce unidentified

29. Unidentified

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