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The 2022 Essay Prompt:

Consider the following statements:

             In the late 1700’s Edmund Burke, statesman, economist, author, orator, and philosopher who served in the British House of Commons stated, “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.” Likewise in the early 1900s renowned American philosopher George Santayana stated in his work, “The life of Reason,” “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.  President John F. Kennedy wrote, “History is the means by which a nation establishes its sense of identity and purpose. The future arises out of the past and a country’s history is a statement of the values and hopes which having forged what has gone before, will now forecast what is to come.”

            A recent survey conducted by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation found that only one in three Americans is capable of passing the U.S. citizenship exam consisting of a series of multiple-choice questions based on American history. They found this to be alarming in that knowledge of a nation’s history by its citizens is essential to preserving all democratic societies.

      Arthur Levine, president of the foundation, went on to say, “Americans need to understand the past in order to make sense of a chaotic present and an inchoate future. History is both an anchor in a time when change assails us and a laboratory for studying the changes that are occurring. It offers the promise of providing a common bond among Americans in an era in which our divisions are profound and our differences threaten to overshadow our commonalities.” 

             In view of the observations cited above, explain why it is imperative that the history and legacy of the USS Emmons (DD457/DMS22) be preserved for future generations of Americans.

              Explain how the history of the Emmons and the comradery, solidarity and unity of purpose of its crew members in times of crisis can serve as a guiding light to our country in the present day.

              What can you as an Emmons family member do to ensure that the legacy and sacrifice of these valiant men does not fade from memory with the passage of time?


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