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Leave a Lasting Legacy

Share word of your beloved Emmons shipmate with future generations!

Below are links to websites that allow you to create a lasting legacy of honor of your USS Emmons veteran that will reach across generations, helping to preserve naval heritage for future generations to come. They are a means of establishing a tribute to those who have served and a permanent archive of their military service.

The Navy Log at the U.S. Navy Memorial. The United States Navy Memorial's Navy Log is the nation's largest publicly available repository of Sea Service personnel.

Memorial Plaque at the U.S. Navy Memorial. The United States Navy Memorial offers the opportunity to place a plaque on in the Memorial's Visitor Center.

National WWII Memorial. The National WWII Memorial's WWII Registry allows you to document the service of WWII veterans including photos that you can upload.

National Museum of the Pacific War. This museum located in Fredricksburg, Texas, has a vast digital archive of interview recordings and transcripts where you can share your veteran's recording of their WWII experiences.

U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Apply for a Headstone, Grave Marker or Medallion for your Emmons shipmate's grave site.

dodd grave marker 2.jpg
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