Siblings, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends of our beloved Emmons shipmates come together each year to celebrate the legacy established by the shipmates many years ago. Each year we're honored to have new 'Emmons Family' members join us. We hope you'll consider attending the 2022 reunion scheduled for September 22-25 in Annapolis, Maryland. Registration information will be forthcoming in the spring.  


    With the uncertainty of Covid’s Delta variant causing concern, Zoom and its comfort of home became the venue as four generations of Emmons family came together virtually September 24th to celebrate the legacy of our USS Emmons shipmates. The 2021 Emmons Association reunion was attended by 106 family members and friends, including 3 shipmates and 18 attending their first reunion.

    Those in attendance had the opportunity to hear from shipmates George Flory, Grover McMichael and Tony Esposito. Although Zoom technical difficulties prevented a live visit with Tony, participants were treated to a viewing of his interviews included in a documentary shared with the group.

    Following Acting President Dennis Yecke’s welcome and some brief Association business, the agenda proceeded with the Griffin/Emmons scholarship awards, correspondence and Emmons happenings the past year. Included was Cheri Yecke sharing her experience transcribing all the hand-written survivor accounts for the new edition of the survivor reports book, as well as a viewing of a documentary highlighting the kamikaze attack on the Emmons.

    The evening then moved into high gear with a report from our Okinawa diver friends, Kurt Reese, on the deteriorating condition of the ship, and Mike Boring, who made the presentation of a ship’s artifact to the Association honoring the Emmons shipmates.

    The evening concluded with a memorial service honoring the lost shipmates and Kurt’s moving video of the April memorial dive at the Emmons site.

    A recording of the 2021 reunion and two videos presented are available here: