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Library Memorial Donation Program

The USS Emmons Association invites you to honor an Emmons shipmate and help keep the story of the Emmons alive by donating an Emmons book to your local library or other institution. Most libraries will insert a commemorative bookplate with your name and the name of the shipmate you are honoring.


Two books are available as follows:

To make a memorial donation, download, print and complete the book donation form available by clicking the name of the book above. Contact the library to learn its memorial donation policy. Provide the form to the library for its consideration of accepting it into their collection. If they require a copy of the book to make their decision, you may either

  1. Provide your personal copy with the understanding you will provide a new book upon the library's acceptance, or

  2. Order a new copy to present with the form (sorry, but if, for some reason, they do not accept the book, we cannot cover the expense for it to be returned to us)


The survivor account book can be ordered at our Ship's Store. The Emmons Saga book can be ordered at Amazon.

If you participate in this program honoring an Emmons shipmate and helping share the Emmons story, the Association thanks you and asks that you email us to let us know the name of the library that accepted the book(s) and the shipmate(s) honored.

Questions? Email us at

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