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Troy Biermann is the grandson of shipmate Joseph Pomykala and attends Northwestern University, majoring in neuroscience/philosophy.
Lyuka Devers is the great-granddaughter of shipmate John Devers and attends Cal State, Long Beach, majoring in Nursing.

Troy Biermann with mother and brother Tyler


The 2019 Essay  Prompt:

The Navy has both a tradition and a future and we look with pride and confidence in both directions.  – Admiral George W. Anderson, CNO, August 1, 1961


The USS Emmons has a distinguished record of service during World War II. Being as specific as possible, look back into history and describe what makes you especially proud of the US Navy and the service of the Emmons and her crew during WWII. Secondly, knowing that our world has changed significantly since the Emmons was sunk in 1945, look to the future. What reassurances do we have that the pride and confidence in the US Navy as cited by Admiral Burke and illustrated by the heroic actions of the Emmons crew members on April 6, 1945, will continue to exist as the navy evolves in the future?

Biermann Photo.JPG
Devers Photo.JPG

Lyuka Devers with grandfather Mike Devers

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