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Aidan Morley is the great-grandson of shipmate James E. Morley and attends Florida Institute of Technology's College of Engineering and Science, majoring in aerospace engineering.

Amanda Jolly is the great-granddaughter of shipmate Armand J. Jolly and attends The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in pursuit of a Master of Arts in global risk.


The 2021 Essay  Prompt:

       Throughout America’s history her greatest moments arose when Americans were united in support of a common cause as was the case during World War II and after 9/11.

     Describe how this sense of unity of purpose played a critical role in contributing to the record of success the Emmons experienced as outlined in Rear Admiral Edward B. Billingsley’s The Emmons Saga from her commissioning until her demise at Okinawa.

       Describe why it is so critical today that Americans come together as a nation and unify to provide future generations the hope and opportunities that were afforded to so many Americans and others throughout the world by the Emmons' crew and other members of the "Greatest Generation."

       What role can you play in your daily life in promoting the spirit of unity that has given rise to those moments of greatness throughout our country's history?

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Aidan Morley

Amanda Jolly with parents Donna & Dennis

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