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Lt Cdr Eugene N. Foss 2nd


***JAPANESE NEWS BROADCAST OF DOCUMENTARY FEATURING INTERVIEW WITH SHIPMATE TONY ESPOSITO. NHK-Japanese Public Television researcher Keiko Winsch contacted us in the fall of 2020 regarding a documentary television program NHK was producing about the 1945 kamikaze attack on the Emmons at Okinawa and the attempt to identify the Japanese airplane engine discovered near the Emmons site. Production of the documentary, which includes an interview with Tony, was highlighted in this November 2020 Japanese news broadcast. Because the program is in Japanese, Keiko was kind enough to provide not only the video broadcast, but also this English translation with time codes to help follow along. Excerpts of Tony's interviews can be seen at time stamps 3:01, 6:23 and 10:32. The documentary is scheduled to air in Japan in the summer of 2021.

***JOHN J. GILLIGAN INTERVIEW. Then Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius interviews her father, former Ohio Governor and Emmons shipmate John Gilligan, as they discuss his experience the day the Emmons was attacked. At the time, Gilligan had been detached to the USS Rodman, which the Emmons had gone to assist, resulting in her taking on direct hits by five kamikaze planes and her subsequent sinking. Click here to see the interview.

***2020 VIRTUAL REUNION. Our 2020 USS Emmons Reunion in Annapolis was postponed until September 2021 due to the COVID pandemic. In it's place, we held a virtual reunion on ZOOM with 113 in attendance. To watch a recording of the 2 hour reunion program, click here.

***NEW MEMORIAL PLAQUES PLACED ON EMMONS. In preparation for April's memorial dive and plans to put the original plaque on public display, the Okinawa divers placed the new memorial plaques on the USS Emmons and raised the old plaques. Click here to view the video.

***MEMORIAL DIVES. Click here to view memorial dive videos.

***CHANGE OF TIDES. Christopher Holzschuh produced a documentary of his grandfather's life aboard the Emmons.

Click here to view "Change of Tides:  The William Roberts Story"

***EMMONS AT SEA VIDEO. In June 1943, the USS Emmons transported First Lord of the Admiralty A. V. Alexander to the USS South Dakota at Scapa Flow, Scotland. Click here and go to 5:09 of the video or 45:32 of the file's timestamp to view the Emmons as she approaches the USS South Dakota.

***SAVINGS BOND AD. Click below to hear the The Red and the Black Ink audio recording of a 1940's radio drama advertisement for savings bonds featuring Emmons shipmate Charles Hardy.

The Red and the Black Ink

***Click here to view the video of shipmate Armand Jolly's video of his 2019 visit to Normandy for the 75th anniversary of D-day.

***RETURN OF JAPANESE GOOD LUCK FLAG. Shipmate Tony Esposito and son Mike came across a Japanese Good Luck Flag, which Japanese servicemen carried with them to battle. Along with Yu Miyaji, they located the family of the serviceman and returned it to them. See the video of the ceremony returning it to the family.