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USS Emmons Challenge Coin

      Many traditions have helped to build camaraderie among military personnel over the years. Carrying challenge coins is one of the most well-respected ones. And today, they aren’t restricted to the military.

     The coins are very symbolic and meaningful among those who possess them and the USS Emmons Challenge Coin is no different. Ownership of the Emmons Coin signifies your honor and respect for the legacy of the USS Emmons and her crew and for the memory of the 60 men who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country aboard the Emmons April 6, 1945.

     The USS Emmons challenge coin, measuring 1.75" in diameter, depicts the full-color Dwight Shepler Normandy painting on one side and the locales of eight major Emmons involvements around the perimeter of the other.

     All proceeds from the sale of challenge coins go directly to the Lt. John J. Griffin, Jr./USS Emmons Memorial Scholarship Fund, honoring the 60 shipmates who gave their lives aboard the Emmons off the shore of Okinawa, Japan.

USS Emmons Challenge Coin